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Molecular Biology Scientist

Position summary

We are seeking a skilled scientist to perform independent protein engineering and

biochemical characterization projects. The candidate must possess strong molecular biology and protein biochemistry background, including demonstrated capabilities in protein expression, purification and characterization.

Our ideal candidate has:

  • PhD in biochemistry/molecular biology or other related life sciences field.

  • Previous relevant experience of 2-3 years in the industry or postdoctoral studies – Major advantage

  • Experience in in-vitro evolution platforms such as: yeast surface display, phage display, protein library construction and high-throughput screening assays – Major advantage

  • Experience in molecular biology techniques such as: cloning, PCR and construct design for different expression hosts - Must

  • Expertise in protein biochemistry techniques including affinity chromatography, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, ELISA and other protein quantification methods

Personal skills:

  • Ability to work and think independently as well as collaborate well in a team setting

  • Self-motivated with a can-do positive attitude

  • Fast learner, multitasker, well organized, keeps accurate records

Position location: Rehovot, Israel

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