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Junior Bioinformatician - Part-time/Student role

Position Summary

We are looking for a highly motivated junior Bioinformatician to join our computational team.


  • Collaborate with experimentalists to design and optimize pipelines that aim to find stable and functional proteins.

  • Analyze large-scale biological data sets, such as protein sequences, structures, and interactions.

  • Implement computational algorithms and tools for protein design and engineering.


  • On a computational biology/bioinformatics track – BSc (3rd year) or MSc (an advantage).

  • Experience in next-generation sequencing data analysis - a significant advantage.

  • Experience with tools and software related to sequence analysis, evolutionary analysis, and structural biology.

  • Good programming skills in Python. R language and familiarity with Linux environment – an advantage.

  • Understanding of biological databases, such as UniProt, PDB, and NCBI.

  • Familiarity with protein modeling and design protocols, such as homology modeling, molecular docking, and protein interface design.

  • Ability to communicate and present results to relevant R&D team members.

Availability for a part time position - 40-60%

Position location: Rehovot, Israel

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