Research Assistant - Immunology

Position Summary

We are seeking a highly talented and motivated research assistant to join our Immunology team to tackle challenges spanning discovery research and pre-clinical development. The ideal candidate has background with conducting immunological assays and also preferably cell-based assays.

Our ideal candidate has:

  • MSc in the fields of life sciences. Research experience in the fields of immunology is highly desirable. Alternatively, BA in life sciences with hands-on immunology experience from a research lab (not a teaching lab).

  • Experience in one or more of the following is a major advantage: - Hands-on expertise in tissue culture, including cell lines and primary immune cells (e.g. T and B cells). - Immune based in-vitro assays and immunological techniques (e.g. flow cytometry, cells sorting, and ELISA). - Human tissue sample processing (blood samples or any solid tissue), RNA work and single-cell analysis approaches.

  • Experience in basic molecular biology techniques such as: cloning, PCR and DNA/RNA isolation.

  • Ability to work and think independently as well as collaborate well in a team setting.

  • Can collaborate effectively on complex projects.

  • Self-motivated with a can-do positive attitude.

  • Fast learner, multitasker, well organized, keeps accurate records.

Position location: Rehovot, Israel

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