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Analytical Scientist

Position Summary

We seek an experienced analytical scientist with experience in biologics characterization using a wide range of biochemical and biophysical methods. The candidate will independently conduct, develop and optimize analytical tools and interface with research and development teams.

  • Provide advanced technical solutions in liquid chromatographic separation sciences, mainly LCs, ICs, and SEC, ensuring that innovative solutions are implemented to provide reliable, fast, and cost-effective analytical measurements

  • Designing Analysis and implementing analytical strategies to help resolve complex, real-world analytical problems, including material failures

  • Expertise and hands-on experience in setting up various LC hardware, including various detectors such as MS, RI, UV, PDA, ELSD, and various columns

  • Significant experience in analytical projects, including experience in supporting R&D projects and working across organizations

  • Design, develop, validate, and maintain various complex chromatographic analytical methods as well as day-to-day hands-on work in the laboratory

  • Monitor analytical technology developments outside of the company and identify innovations

  • Mentor, train, and guide less experienced staff in the chromatography space

Our ideal candidate has:

  • Ph.D./MSc in the life sciences with a minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience in the industry.

  • Must have demonstrated skills and working knowledge in protein biochemistry and column chromatography from industry

  • Must have experience in developing and optimizing analytical methods.

  • Ability to suggest and execute new analytical strategies.

  • Ability to work and think independently and collaborate well in a team setting.

Position location: Rehovot, Israel

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